Top 7 Sets of Eylure False Lashes

If you are looking for false lashes, there is really only one brand to keep returning to. Eylure have the best range out there, and a set of lashes so suit your needs. They have an endless selection, from light and airy lashes for the day, to high drama, long lashes for the evening. Whatever the occasion, Eylure have lashes to make your look, and these are our top picks.




Definition No. 128 Lashes; these lashes are all about attitude. They are spikey with teased tips, and you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.




For a really dark and dramatic look, go for Dramatic No. 204 lashes. They are super black and will make your eyes stand out. They are double layered and they are serious show stoppers.


Dramatic No. 212 lashes give you long, defined lashes, and are packed full of depth. They are beautifully feathered and offset to give you a beautiful frame for your eyes.




These are some of our favourite lashes in Eylure’s collection. For a high drama look of length, depth and darkness, pick up a set of Exaggerate No. 140. These will frame your eyes in a manner that is almost too seductive… but not quite.


For a slightly wispier look, but with all the length and curl a girl could need, go for a set of Exaggerate No. 149 lashes. These are easier to wear in the day than the others, but they will still garner some jealous stares.



Lash Pro – for the DIYers

These lashes always look incredible if you have the time, the patience and a little bit of skill. They are individual ones, where you apply short, medium and long flares of lashes individually, to give your natural lashes a boost. If these are done right, no one will even be able to tell they aren’t yours. These are our faves, as they don’t have the tell-tale “knot” at the bottom which gives the game away.



Sometimes you aren’t after drama, length or depth, and all you want is a set of lashes just to give you a bit of a boost. The Naturals No. 020 lashes give you a “barely there” look, for a light boost of length and fullness.

If you want a little more volume from your natural looking lashes, try out the Naturals No. 027 lashes. These are a little fuller and darker, and could be amped up for an evening look.