Christmas Party Makeup Essentials

False eyelashes

You simply cannot attend the work Christmas party without a dramatic set of false lashes on – it would not be right and I would question your Christmas spirit. I’m pretty sure the Three Wise Men donned falsies for the birth of Christ, so I’m sure you can make the effort. An evening look cannot exist without the perfect set of false lashes. These ones from Eylure are some of my faves.  



Winged eyeliner

If you are going to go for the false lashes then winged liner is a must. Gel liner is great for that perfectly black winged look, but it can be a little tricky to apply if you aren’t well practised. One of the best ways to make sure you are getting optimal results from your gel liner is to get yourself a proper brush. You have a couple of options here; you can get a slanted brush or you can go for a slim precision brush. This set from Real Techniques is perfect, and it comes with a handy liner guide. An easier option would be a felt tip liner like this one from Collection (only £2.99 and it has great reviews!).



Sparkly eyeshadow

What’s Christmas without a few sparkles?! You can top off your Christmas party look with a god dusting of sparkly eyeshadow, to really make your eyes pop and stand out. You’ll be sparkling all night with one of these shimmery shadows from Maxfactor.


Or, you could really amp up the glam with some glitter from Face and Body glitter from NYX. Glitter can be a nightmare to apply, so you might want to invest in some glitter primer to make things easier. But, when your eyes are dazzling like a disco ball, you won’t be regretting the time spent.



Red lips 

Steal the show with some red carpet red lips. You will be turning heads when you have perfected your red lippy. Read our post on how to achieve the perfect red lips here. It can be a nightmare trying to figure out which colour red suits you, because there are loads of different shades of red! You want more Marilyn Monroe than The Joker right? We’ve got another nifty post which will help you figure out which reds look best on your skin tone, have a read here.   




Complete the festive look with a beautiful shimmery highlighter, like this one from Benefit. This highlighter gives you a beautiful glow and will only add to your shine.