Which red lipstick suits you best

Not all red lipsticks look great on everyone. A red tone which looks great on a friend, could look
disastrous on you. A lot of this comes down to your skin tone. To decide which red lipsticks will suit
you best, we are going to divide our skin tones into three different categories. To keep it easy, we
will split into fair, medium and dark complexions and tell you a little bit about why these colours will
work for you and others won’t.

Fair complexion
Red lipsticks with blue undertones work best for those with fair skin. This doesn’t mean that your
lipstick is going to be blue, but it does mean that you won’t be selecting pink or orangey shades of
red. These shades of red are “cooler” due to the blue undertones and won’t look as garish as your
more orange tone. Bright reds will look amazing, as will red lipsticks with a more “berry” hue. Berry
reds are a bit deeper in colour, but if you want to go even darker, look for a bolder “wine” shade.
The darker shades of red look really glamorous on lighter skin tones and the contrast creates a lot of

Medium complexion
Red lipsticks with orange undertones work best for those with a “medium” complexion, or olive skin.
Blue undertones won’t work so well for you, as they can take on a pink hue once applied. Bright
brick reds will have that orange undertone and will complement your skin fantastically. If you want
something a little darker, look for a red lipstick which is more burgundy. If you are going for the
darker reds, make sure to arm yourself with a lip liner in the same shade, so you can keep your lippy
on all night long.

Dark complexion
For darker complexions, you will be looking for red lipstick which is highly pigmented. You don’t
want your red to look wishy-washy when you have applied it, you want it to look bold. Orange-reds
still work well with darker skin, as do your oxblood reds. Oxbloods have more brown hues in them
than your other darker reds. These earthy tones will work well with darker complexions and won’t
make such a bold statement as your bright reds. Plum reds also look great on darker skin tones. They
have pink hues in comparison to the other shades of red, and these will give a nice luxurious pop of
colour for a darker skin tone.