How to achieve the perfect red lips

Achieving the perfect red lip is like the Holy Grail of the makeup world. We have all gone out
thinking our red lipstick was perfect, only to see photos the next day that made us realise
how wrong we were! There are a few tricks of the trade you can use to make sure your red
lipstick looks incredible in those photos. These tips will ensure your red lipstick looks show
stopping all night long.

Exfoliating your lips ensures you have a smooth base to work with. Chapped lips and dry
skin are not your friends when it comes to red lipstick. Smoothing out your lips will stop
your lipstick highlighting any not so desirable lines and cracks. Lightly brushing your lips with
a toothbrush and some Vaseline works a treat.

Keep your lips moisturised beforehand. If your lips are plump and smooth, your lippy will
look a lot better. However, make sure your lips are free of product before you apply your
lipstick, as this can cause it to slip and slide.

Line lips
Line your lips with a lip liner which is the same colour as your chosen lipstick. At this point
you can slightly over-draw your lips if you want, to get the perfect pout. Don’t over draw too
much, or it will be really obvious. Once you have lined them, fill in your lips with the liner to
give a base for your red lipstick to sit on. This step makes a big difference when it comes to
staying power and depth of colour.

Apply lippy
Using a lipstick brush, take a small amount of lipstick and apply it over your lips. Make sure
you are applying it thinly and evenly. Too much lipstick causes the product to move after a
while, and you are much better off with thin layers of product. You can apply another thin
layer of lipstick if required.

Clean up lines with concealer
If you have any wobbly lines where you have over-drawn a little too much, or you have just made a
little mistake, don’t worry! You can clean up these lines with some concealer and a small brush. Take
a small amount of concealer onto a brush and using smooth strokes, clean up any wobbly lines. This
step will give you those perfect red lips you see in the movies and your lippy will look impossibly