Our Pick of the Top Halloween Makeup Products 

Halloween is the ultimate time to get the makeup kit out and go crazy. If there is ever a time to display your makeup skills and put them to good use, it is now! You’ll want lipsticks, face paints and some of those scary lashes to get your Halloween look on point. Here are our top makeup picks to help you along your way. 

If you are going for vampy look you will be in need of a dark red, matte lipstick. This Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lippy in Berry Much is the perfect shade for that dark vampy look with a hint of glam. 
Black lipstick can be hard to come by, and you don’t want an expensive one as you are hardly going to use it! This MUA Lipstick in Raven is only £1 in Superdrug at the moment! 

If you are looking to have a quick change of hair colour which washes out, there are some great Halloween-y options available in Superdrug at the moment. There are loads of colours, from blue and turquoise to pink or grey. The hair can make the look, there is more to the perfect Halloween look than makeup! You might not want to go to the extent of permanently dying your hair grey for just one night, so these wash out options are the bomb. 
If you don’t want the faff of dying your hair (even with a wash out colour) you can get some neat hairsprays which will colour your hair and you can wash them out really easily. You can get some really pretty glitter ones too, like this one

You can’t achieve the perfect skeleton makeup without some black and white face paint. Grab some decent face paint from a craft shop like these. They will give you complete coverage and look amazing all night, you won’t regret spending a little bit more on these. Invest in a decent makeup sponge to get your face paint applied evenly over your skin. 

No look is going to be complete without a good pair of false eyelashes. You can’t go wrong with a dramatic set of falsies, like these from Eyelure.  
You could even go all out and invest in some glow in the dark eyelashes, like these, so you can really freak all your mates out when you turn up at the door!