Eyeliner Hacks

⦁    Make your own gel liner
Gel liner can be super expensive in comparison to your bog standard black eyeliner pencil, so good news – you can get the same effect as a gel liner, using things you already have at home. All you need is your normal back kohl eyeliner pencil and a flame. Hold the tip of your eyeliner in the flame for about 2 seconds. A lighter is the easiest way to do this, but you can use a candle or your stove to do this as well. Leave it to cool for 10 seconds, and then apply your eyeliner. You’ll have an intensely black eyeliner in a flash! 

⦁    Scared of liquid eyeliner? Use a pencil first and then go over it with liquid
Liquid of gel eyeliner can be scary, especially if you aren’t used to using it. You can feel like you are messing up more times than you are getting it right, and sometimes you might just feel like throwing the brush down and going out half done. One of the easiest ways to ensure your liquid eyeliner goes right, is to do it in pencil first. Get your pencil good and sharp and apply your eyeliner, then go over that in liquid or gel. Yeah, it might seem like a waste of product, but it’s much less wasteful than doing it 10 times.

⦁    Don’t hesitate
When you are trying to do winged liner, particularly with gel or liquid liners, your biggest foe is that moment of hesitation. If you hesitate, you have already decided you can’t do it, and your eyeliner is doomed to fail. If you get it wrong, you get it wrong, and you are going to have to take it off and start again. But if you just go for it when it comes to winged liner, you will probably find that it doesn’t turn out as bad as you think it is going to. Confidence is key – just sweep that liner across! 

⦁    Use a straight edge
If you really are struggling, use a straight edge to get your winged liner perfect. You can do this with a piece of sticky tape, or piece of paper – anything that will lay flat against your skin. If you are going to use this method, be aware that you might have to spend a bit of time cleaning up your lines, as these methods can get a bit smudgey.