Top Tips for Protecting Your Skin in the Autumn and Winter

Autumn is fast approaching, and as the leaves turn brown, the rain starts falling and the wind gets up, we need to think about protecting our skin from the elements. You’ve spent all summer protecting your skin from the sun and you might think there’s no need to protect it in the autumn and winter, but there is. Protecting your skin in the colder weather is just as important as protecting it in the warmer weather. Here are my top tips for keeping your skin protected in the autumn and winter months:

⦁    Keep moisturising
Once summer is over, I tend to go for a different moisturiser. I often make the switch to something a bit more heavy-duty, as I find the wind and rain harsh on my skin. Even when it’s raining and your skin is getting battered by water, it can still dry out, so I make sure I keep my skin well moisturised and nourished as the weather turns colder.

⦁    Don’t forget SPF
Even though it might be windy and rainy and you feel like you haven’t seen the sun in months, UV can still be damaging to your skin. And, even if it isn’t sunny it can still be bright and it is sensible to use an SPF moisturiser all year round to protect your skin.

⦁    Drink plenty of water
Keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh by making sure you drink plenty of water. It is easy to forget to keep hydrated when the sun isn’t out, but it’s really important for your skin and health to maintain hydration. Plus, it helps you stay looking young!

⦁    Cover up
When it’s cold and windy, make sure you protect your skin by keeping it covered. Wearing hats, scarves and gloves will help keep your skin protected from the elements and safe from damage.

⦁    Don’t forget your hands
Loads of people forget that their hands spend a lot of time exposed, just like their face. You should pay as much attention to your hands and you do protecting your face. Often when you look at people’s hands, you can see that the skin there has taken a beating. Make sure you look after those hands, as if you don’t they can give the game up and show those wrinkles you have been carefully avoiding on your face.