Top Tips for Fighting Frizzy Hair in the Rain

Now we are getting towards autumn and the wind and rain is just around the corner, those of you who suffer with frizz in the rain will need to start thinking about ways to fight the frizz! Frizz can be a nightmare. You can spend hours in the mirror in the morning perfectly styling your hair for the day, only to step outside in the drizzle and have it undo all your good work. Here are my top tips for fighting frizz:

⦁    Choose shampoo and conditioner wisely
Select a shampoo and conditioner which are specially designed to fight frizz. If you know it is going to be humid or rainy, start to use a shampoo and conditioner with smoothing properties, so you are already well ahead of the drizzle!

⦁    Don’t ruffle your hair when you dry it
If you blot or pat the excess water off your hair rather than ruffling it, you are standing yourself in good stead. Ruffling your hair can encourage frizz and patting it dry will go some way to stop this from happening. If you get caught in the rain you can use this method to get the worst of the water off of your hair and hopefully maintain some semblance of hairstyle.

⦁    Use frizz fighting products
Apply products which fight frizz before and after you dry your hair. This will help tame the frizz in any unforeseen circumstances. Using cremes, mousses and frizz fighting hairsprays will all help you keep your hair in place and looking on point all day.

⦁    Don’t brush your hair if it gets wet
If you brush your hair once it gets wet, it is only going to encourage the frizz to take hold. Fight the urge to run a brush through your locks and keep it stowed safely in your handbag. I know its really tempting to give your hair a brush after you have been in the rain, but it’s only going to make matters worse.

⦁    Just accept it
If you can’t fight the frizz no matter what you do, just let it happen. Allow your hair to get its frizz on and embrace it, or tie it up in a cute hairstyle so no one will know. Either way, sometimes you just can’t stop your hair from frizzing.