Natural Ways to Fight Spots

I always seem to have spots. I get rid of one lot, and then the fight starts again with a fresh batch of them. Urgh. It seems like I am fighting a losing battle with them, and I have tried all of the preventative scrubs, facewashes and creams, with varying levels of success. Loads of them simply don’t work, and the ones that do work are always unbearably expensive. I thought there must be some easy ways to tackle them, and there are – a lot of it comes down to lifestyle.  


  1. Use a natural soap or cleanser

There is usually a tonne of chemicals in normal soaps and cleansers, which help them lather up. These can irritate your skin and cause inflammation and skin problems. Keep your face clean, but don’t go mad. You shouldn’t be washing your face more than twice a day. All this does is hurt your skin and encourage your skin to produce more of the stuff that causes spots.


  1. Get some sun to your face, but not too much

I’m not encouraging you to sit out in the sun all day with no protection, but some sunlight on your face can be really good for your skin. Your body needs vitamin D to function properly, so you might notice a difference to your skin and how you are feeling if you spend some more time outside. On the flip side of that, too much UV can increase inflammation and redness on your skin. If you’re staying in the sun for more than a short while; apply sun cream.  


  1. Take exercise

Exercise is good for the mind and the soul, as well as being good for your body and skin. Exercise can make you feel a whole lot better, and you might notice that if you start taking exercise, your skin starts looking better.


  1. Eat well

I don’t mean up the amount you are consuming, I mean make sure you are eating the right food. Making sure you are eating healthily and consuming all the nutrients you need will make a huge difference to your skin.


  1. Relax

If you are stressed, you are likely you are likely to get more spots. Your immune system gets run down, and those pimples can appear on your face. Make sure you take time to relax and try to combat whatever is making you stressed. You might realise that your face clears up when you are on holiday – it might just be because you are completely de-stressed.