DIY Sugar Waxing – Soft Wax

Waxing is one of the quickest ways to get rid of unwanted body hair, but it can also be pretty expensive. Getting all your unwanted body hair waxed off every month, could cost you a lot of money, so why not have a go at doing it yourself? Sugar waxing isn’t a new thing, in fact it has been around for a long time. It is an all-natural product, so if you find that wax can irritate your skin, this might just be a great option for you.

With soft wax, you are smoothing the wax onto your skin, and pulling it off with a wax strip (along with your unwanted hair), just like they do in the salon. Waxing can elongate the amount of time it takes for your hair to grow back, and it can also reduce the amount of hair regrowth. In time, you will need to wax less, and you can’t complain at that. So, here is how you do it:



⦁    1 cup granulated sugar

⦁    ¼ cup lemon juice

⦁    ¼ cup water



⦁    Combine the ingredients in a heavy based pan and stir together

⦁    Put the pan on a medium heat until it is bubbling away. Leaving the spoon in the pan will help stop the mixture from bubbling over  

⦁    Once it starts bubbling, cook it for 5-7 minutes, until it goes the colour of honey


How to use the wax:

You will need:

⦁    A pot for the wax

⦁    Wooden spatula

⦁    Wax strips

⦁    Baby powder


Transfer the wax into a small pot (watch out, it will be hot) and leave it for about 20 minutes to cool. You can test whether it is cool enough by applying a small amount to your wrist. It should feel warm but it shouldn’t burn.

Whilst you are waiting for it to cool, you can prep the area where you are going to be removing unwanted hair from. Cleanse and exfoliate the area, then thoroughly dry your skin. Once your skin is dry, apply a light dusting of baby powder to the area. This is an extra precaution which helps to stop the wax pulling on your skin, as this can cause irritation and redness associated with waxing.

Spread the wax on your skin, in the direction of hair growth using a wooden spatula or something similar. Try and spread it in as thinner layer as possible. This will help with the hair removal process, and it will also mean you have more wax to go around.

Apply the wax strip and smooth it down on top of the wax, in the direction of hair growth. Make sure you have left a small amount of the wax strip at the bottom, not attached to any wax. This will make it easier to pull the wax strip off.

Pull your skin taught and pull off the wax strip against the direction of your hair growth in a quick motion. Try to keep your hand as low as possible to your skin, if you lift your hand up too much when you are pulling off the wax strip, it will yank your skin and it won’t pull your hair out. It will also leave a sticky mess on your skin!

If you look at your wax strip, you should see that the hair on your strip has been pulled out from the root. I find that this method removes at least 90 percent of the hair from the area. No method is going to remove 100% of the hair, just like when you shave, you have to go over the same area twice. But for me, this definitely gets the best results.

Once I have removed all the hair from the area, I cleanse the area again to get rid of any excess wax, and apply a cooling moisturiser. Any redness on the area should have gone down by the next day, if not within a few hours.


Top Tips:

⦁    If you get the wax in the wrong place, don’t panic! All you need to do it get some warm water and a cloth, and you can wash it off. This is one of the reasons why sugar waxing is much better for DIY waxing, if you get normal wax in the wrong place, it is very difficult to get off!

⦁    If you don’t have wax strips, and you don’t want to buy them, you can make them yourself. The best way I have found, it to cut up an old bedsheet into strips and make your own wax strips.  This also gives you loads of strips and you won’t have to do that again in a hurry

⦁    If you aren’t getting the best results, don’t get frustrated and give up right away. Waxing takes practise; remember that beauticians spend a lot of time training for this. Have another go and keep trying